Computer Science And Coding Of The Workplace Essay

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INTRO In the world we live in today, more employers than ever before are looking to hire individuals who have experience with computer programming and coding. The growing job market in this field requires that more students learn these skills in order to bring their knowledge into the workplace. However, some students do not have this opportunity, as they have never been introduced to computer sciences. There are several reasons why this may occur, but one of the most prevalent is that students from low-income families do not have the necessary tools to learn and enhance their skills. In order to prevent this misfortune, action must be taken. James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner say, in their book The Leadership Challenge, that, “Meeting new challenges always requires things to be different than they currently are. You can’t respond with the same old solutions” (Kouzes and Posner 159). Thus, in order to prevent students with less opportunities to learn about computer science and coding, new solutions must be developed. We, the members of Cluster 6, have created a proposal that could help fight this problem. By looking closely at how aspects of the problem have arisen, and thinking of ways to help prevent them, we have created a course of action that would certainly help less fortunate students strengthen their skills in the field of computer sciences.
Today, the typical school calendar has school beginning in late August to early September and ending in

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