Computer Science Course At Cosumnes River College

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In the fall of 2015 I enrolled in a beginning computer science course at Cosumnes River College to explore the option of working in the computer industry. After a few weeks into the course I knew that this was the field I wanted to become a part of. After discussing my options with my professor, Dr. Markus Geissler, I began to research my options for a degree path that would allow me to use both my strengths and interests. I have the ability to learn quickly, have great people skills, and an overall can do attitude that allows for remarkable adaptation into different environments and when I discovered the options that follow a management information systems degree, I knew I had found the best degree path. Computer science and all of its’ related sub fields are ever growing and changing, I am looking to work in a field that is fit to grow as demands for technology change, as well as challenge me to improve with any and all changes.

With a management information systems and business analytics degree from CSU Global I will work to reach a point in my career where I am in a management position that will allow me to work alongside companies to assess their technological needs in a way that can increase both their efficiency and their productivity. Once I finish the program I will look into working with an information technology help desk to build up my ability to completely understand many computer systems. I know that getting my degree is a huge part of my future success as a
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