Computer Skilled Design Case Study

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For this paper i am going to look at and discuss is CAD (Computer aided design) skill levels of students in time for FMP (Final Major Project). In terms of up-skilling students, we are looking at guiding the student through the door of deeper knowledge into software use and understanding of it. To help this work we all need to be fully aware and in the know of what we are trying to achieve. In this instance we are looking at design specific software and learning it in a more advanced manner. As aspiring Architects and product designers etc, one will need to have knowledge of certain methods, applications and technics. This is useful in manifesting design concepts and ideas. Particularly useful midway through the course as this is the time …show more content…

In a flipped classroom students watch online lectures and discussion and then carry out group dialogue, or choose to carry out research at home and engage in concepts discussion in the studio with guidance from the tutor(s).

I must admit after experiencing a flipped session in the class a while back it seemed like a more fun way of experiencing learning. We connected our phones to our tutors instructional live session and we answered questions and gain understanding straight away. Wouldn’t we agree that its better to enjoy learning rather than resent it, a bit harsh but i pretty sure we’ve all been there. Flipping the class and using technology in teaching is definitely not something to be ignored, I would say its an investment into ones career..

When i thought about it I realised we already practice this but just minus the Nearpod interface. We simply deliver the required knowledge in class via demonstration and then students practice what is shown in the demo as we go along. Students basically learn far quicker because they are learning by practicing more than seeking or reading how to.. If we were to give the students what we show in class as homework everybody would have a completely different experience with the same software, not that they couldn’t follow the instructions because that would contradict the flipped class set up. I have experienced students receptiveness to this approach, which

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