Computer Systems And Networks Configuration

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Assignment 1
Computer Systems and Networks Configuration

Course: Bsc (Hons) Computer Science
Module: CO5023 Computer Systems and Networks
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Table of Content

Part 1: Logic circuit 3
Part 2 : Research Report 13
Part 3 : Network Configuration 16
Report 16
References 17

Part 1: Logic circuit

Given the following proposed circuit an are required to re-implement is functionality using the minimum umber of gates possible. Using K-maps to achieve this outcome.

Figure 1 This is the original figure for part 1

Initial Logic circuit

Number of input 4 input [ A , B , C , D ]
Number of gate 11 gates Inverter 2 gates AND 5 gates OR 4 gates
Number of output 3 output [ X , Y , Z ]

Logic circuit for X

Logic Circuit for X equation

Logic Circuit for X truth table

Truth table for X

Logic circuit for Y

Logic Circuit for Y equation

Logic Circuit for Y truth table

Truth table for Y

Logic circuit for Z

Logic circuit for Z equation

Logic circuit for Z truth table

Truth table for Z

Main Truth table

K Maps for X

K Maps for Y

K Maps for Z

The re-implement logic circuit for X, Y and Z

This is the equation for re-implement logic circuit:

Part 2 : Research Report

Short report, outlining the similarities and differences between the instruction sets used for ARM and Intel processors. This should include an explanation for the ARM processor’s…
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