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Computer systems analysts are popular careers due to the evolution of new technology. There will always be a need for a systems analyst to help merge technology with business (Ku, 2014, pg. 33). “A computer systems analyst studies, organizes, designs, and maintains information systems to aid organizations function more efficiently and effectively” (Ku, 2014, pg. 32). Focusing on designing and organizing information, helps create a better understanding of the overall project or concept. The world of technology is full of genius people that create advancements towards something even greater. IT jobs including computer systems analysts’, shows a trend of rising popularity with a 22% growth through the year 2020 which is higher than the national average (Thibodeau, 2012, pg. 2). Computer system analysts play an important role in any business. An aspect of computer systems analyst job role that is overlooked is training users to properly use the system that they built. The types of systems can vary depending on the requirements from the company. The computer system analysts’ job is to determine what the company wants to do and utilize computers to incorporate a system that will do the process in the most effective way possible. The concept must be broken down in to steps and placed in various charts and diagrams to break it down even further (Career Planner, 2015). By breaking down the concept idea of what the company wants, the structure can be understood without
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