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The advent of computers has revolutionized the workplace and redefined operational practices. The use and deployment of computers, computer systems and information technology (IT) applications in every aspect of business is now commonplace. The recent application and adoption of Web-based, information and telecommunication technologies has force-multiplied the capabilities and benefits of computers. The importance of computers in business cannot be overstated.


o Businesses are using Internet communication technologies, networking and relevant software to enable workers and professionals to collaborate and work across locations and geographical boundaries and streamline work-flow management.
Communication Capabilities

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Manually prepared mass mailings are time consuming and expensive.

- Inventory - A large number of items or high-volume turnover can cause major errors in tracking inventory. Errors in inventory control can result in lost sales and in the maintenance of unnecessarily high quantities of slow-moving products.

- Payroll - Calculating and writing checks are tedious operations in payroll administration. It can also be difficult to effectively implement an employee incentive plan using manual procedures.

- Planning - Manual systems or procedures make planning for the future time consuming and difficult. What if situationssuch as If sales increase, to what extent will expenses increase?are not easy to simulate with a manual system.


Computers also can perform more complicated operations, such as the following:

- Financial modeling programs prepare and analyze financial statements.

- Spreadsheet and accounting programs compile statistics, plot trends and markets and do market analysis, modeling, graphs and forms. They can combine all these functions and can interchange and evaluate data from four programs simultaneously.
- Word processing programs produce typewritten documents and provide text editing functions. Many offer options such as a thesaurus, a speller, and punctuation and style checkers.

- Desktop publishing programs enable you to create good quality print materials on your
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