Concept And Value Of Integrated Marketing

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Goal: Explain the concept and value of integrated marketing

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Marketing 101: you’ve got a Web site, opened a Facebook page, and signed up with an e-mail marketing platform. It’s great that your lists are growing, even though your workload is increasing, but you’re finding that your sales aren’t responding the same way.

Integrated Marketing 101: your Web site, Facebook page, and e-mail campaigns work together to bring you qualified leads with a high close rate.

We agree that the second one sounds much more appealing. Integrated marketing is a vital tool that most companies are finding is increasing their sales, bringing in loyal customers and dedicated followers.

What is Integrated Marketing,
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These are still viable means of sharing your story and message, and there is a definite place for push marketing in a solid, well-rounded marketing plan.

However, the trend has been leaning toward pull marketing — a strategy that includes integrated marketing and content marketing. In pull marketing, consumers and prospects are seeking information from your business, and your business attracts them as a result of the added value and care that is give at each point of contact. The goal is to create a loyal audience of followers who return sale after sale because of the value you provide. While push marketing is more short-term and numbers-driven, pull marketing is a way to create a lifelong customer who is faithful to your brand.

According to a report by the Content Marketing Institute, 77 percent of business to consumer marketers expect to increase their content marketing efforts in 2016, and 50 percent plan to increase their content marketing spending over the next 12 months.

Whether they are paying for ads or dedicating time to building a blog, marketers for businesses of all sizes are pulling together various Internet-based components to create a multi-faceted approach to reaching their prospects.

The 6 Content Components
Let’s take a look at the primary components of a well-rounded integrated digital marketing strategy.
Web site
Your Web site is the primary hub for your digital
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