Concept Of Autonomy In Nursing

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The concept of autonomy is of keen interest to health care providers, patients, and the entire nursing practice. The present drive of the heath care setting regularly requires a focused response in dealing with different health issues daily. Thus, autonomy affords a room for healthcare providers including nurses to use their judgments and to be apt in providing patient-centered care. Through a literature review, autonomy was examined as it relates to nursing, education, and science. A model case was employed to determine nurses’ perception of autonomy and understand how they develop and exhibit autonomy in their practice.
Concept Analysis of Autonomy
Autonomy provides the platform for self-directed nurses to act consciously without pressure in the implementation of their duties. Such roles demand the exercise of autonomy, a term which eludes succinct definition despite the fact that the preparation of practitioners for these roles relies on a clear understanding of its nature. This paper undertakes a concept analysis of autonomy, each step illustrated with examples taken from clinical practice, with the ultimate aim of offering an operational definition of autonomy. The concept of autonomy in the nursing profession is considered a requisite for professional standing. Consequently, professional nurse autonomy is the belief in the entirety of the client when making responsible optional decisions; which reflect advocacy for the client (Kramer & Schmalenberg, 1993).

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