SUNY New Paltz Research Paper

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Introduction My name is Sarah Braunlich. I grew up in a small town named Poland, NY and attended a small high school in the same area. Growing up, I had always dreamed big and hoped to see the world that I knew existed outside of my small rural town. That was how I knew I had made the right choice when I decided to attend SUNY New Paltz. In my short time here, I have seen new places, met so many unique individuals, and I am excited to spend the next four years here. In high school, I always made an effort to get involved through clubs such as Government, Peer Leaders, Drama Club, Tri-M Music Club, Concert/Jazz Band etc. and I plan to do the same here at New Paltz. Currently, I am a biology major because my passion lies in medicine and helping…show more content…
Every situation and every person you come into contact with and meet has been socialized in a certain way, and the root of this behavior lies in sociology. How we react to certain social situations, how we interpret or “read” another person’s actions, how we respond to other individuals, are all dependent on sociology. From this course, I hope to better be able to understand why people act and behave the way they do. I hope to learn more about significant social issues that are widespread throughout the world today and about social forces to help bring about change. On a deeper level, I want to understand why sociology is that window to being able to think on a different level, and the key to understanding those underlying human connections/behavior. For example, why is there a mental health stigma? Why do stereotypes exist? Where do social “norms” and social constructs stem from? Why does society breed the type of mentality where photoshop and runway models are the standards of beauty? All of the answers to these questions lie in sociological theories and concepts. I also hope that this course can help me to understand other social problems, such as racism, crime, poverty, violence, sexism, and how to contribute to their solutions. I am eager to learn more about sociology throughout the semester, and build upon/expand on my previous
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