Conceptual And Historical Issues Of Psychology

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The often asked question is the relationship between the theories of psychology and its application to human life for instance, individual life, mental life and subjectivity. Presently, efforts by writers to separate the three categories have seen light. Psychology itself cannot exist without a society which supports all its facts. Moreover, psychological object cannot be taken as independent, given, discovered but that which is discovered and comes before knowledge. Psychology can hence be seen in two perspectives: as a discipline and as a subject of human. A conclusion can be made that psychology exists in a domain that is constructed. This is contrary to science domain where truth is constructed.

Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology
Science employs an approach of empiricism. This approach states that our senses are the only place from which knowledge originates. This is in contrary to knowledge view that exists that it could be acquired purely by logical argument and reasoning. Hence empiricism views knowledge to be based on experience. Empiricism through gain of knowledge via experience came to be an approach of science and influenced greatly chemistry and physics development. The ideology that the only way to gain knowledge is by acquisition of experience has turned into an enquiry method which uses careful experiments and observation to gather evidence and facts (Benjamin, 2007). The…
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