Concerns about Health in the United Kingdom have Increased the Demand for Organic Food

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The UK is a MEDC, because it is considered as a rich country, and due to the UK receiving raw resources from LEDC. The UK uses these raw materials for the outcome of any industry. One of UK’s biggest industries is the food industry, because everyone needs food and nutrients in their body, to be able to stay alive. The food industry is a primary industry and a secondary industry because the food industry consist of growing raw crops, making it a primary industry, and the food industry also uses these raw crops to make other food/products. The reasons why health and environmental concerns in the United Kingdom has increased the demand of organic food is that there are physical damage and effects on the environment , the society is motivated to be healthier , and lastly it’s worth the price .

The environment is getting worse due to many reasons, one of being ‘off-farm input’, which is effecting and damaging the environment. ‘Off-farm input’ consists of fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides and pesticides, which is used on agriculture to grow faster and larger. These ‘off-farm input’ is effecting and damaging the environment, through the chemicals in the pesticides and fertilizers, creating groundwater contamination. The ‘Environmental Protection Agency’ has stated that herbicides…
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