Confferences: The Difference Between Structural And Configurational Isomers

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Isomers are different organic compounds with the same molecular formula but differ in their properties. Isomers are divided into structural and stereoisomers. Structural isomers are isomers that have the same molecular formula but differ in structural formula, that is, in the order in which the different atoms are linked in the molecules. They have different IUPAC names, the same or different functional groups, different physical properties and different chemical properties. Structural isomers are further divided into chain isomerism, position isomerism, functional isomerism, metamerism and tautomerism. [1]
Chain isomerism is isomers that have the same molecular formula but differ in which the carbon atoms are bonded to each other. For example, …show more content…

This isomerism is caused by migration of H-atom from one group to another. For example, ethyl acetoacetate is in equilibrium mixture of the following two forms:

Conformational isomers differ in the relative position of some of the atoms in the molecule in 3Dimensional-space due to the rotation about sigma bonds.
Configurational isomers are those isomers which arise due to some kind of rigidity in the molecule, and these are inter converted only by bond breaking or making. Configurational isomerism has been further classified in two types, geometric isomers and optical isomers.
Geometric isomers (or cis-trans isomers) are molecules with a double bond that form cis and trans isomers. Square planar molecules can also display geometric isomerism. Cis and trans refer to the orientation of functional groups within a molecule and mostly occur in alkenes. In alkenes, C=C bonds have restricted rotation so the groups on either end of the bond are ‘frozen’ in one position; it isn’t easy to flip between the two. This produces two possibilities. The two structures cannot interchange easily so the atoms in the two molecules occupy different positions in

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