Confidence in People

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Confidence is a trait that not many people possess in the world today. Confidence is the key to many triumphs and sometimes failures; however, confidence allows people to reach new heights in their lives. The people in the world without confidence struggle in the face of society because of their lack of charisma or drive. The people who lack self-confidence can barely get by each day without suffering some embarrassment because they are so afraid of their own dismay and folly. Confidence is a strong trust, earned by the strong actions and self-successes. The strength that people display instills the trust and reliance upon others. The person can have any amount of confidence desired because confidence has no limit or a measurable capacity. The people who believe that they have no confidence and fail every time, they try to make a success happen will struggle through their lives. Confidence is the feeling of a strong trust deemed in another human being, or in the being themselves because of the strength and intelligence the person possesses.
Confidence stems from the environment that a child grows up in, so if the child is afraid to speak too much, they grow up most likely to be quiet natured pushovers as adults. Webster’s Dictionary provides another definition of confidence saying, “Confidence is the quality or state of being certain” (Confidence). The state that the person has the mind in will affect how much confidence exists, thus the confidence is not an emotion that

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