Conflict Between Conflict And Conflict

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Conflict is generally considered a typical part of human interactions and is not in itself essentially damaging. Rather, it is how conflict is managed that determines whether or not the outcomes are going to be constructive or damaging (Deutsch, 2006). Thus, conflict management, the method of managing a dispute and associated conflicts, is very important in producing satisfactory or disappointing outcomes. It is therefore vitally important to know your conflict management style, along with its inherent strengths and weaknesses, as a leader of a healthy organization, in order to deal with conflict in a positive manner.
What Is Conflict?
According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, conflict is “a struggle for power, property, a strong disagreement between people, groups, etc. that results in often angry argument or a difference that prevents agreement” or a “disagreement between ideas, feelings, etc.” Although we normally think of conflict as negative, it is a normal byproduct of social interaction and is not in itself damaging. Conflict can occur very easily in an organization, both horizontally and vertically. Prause and Majtuba (2015) identified four components which create conflict. First, there must be a difference of opinion or position of the parties involved. A “misunderstanding or discrepancy in opinions or needs should take place” (Daria Prause, 2015). Secondly, the parties of the conflict should be identified. Although some parties are not aware of their
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