Dominance And Development Of Conflict Management Styles

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Dominating Style in Conflict Resolution
Graham Jackson

Introduction Thesis Statement
I believe that there is a link between childhood experiences and the development of conflict management styles, arguing that the exposures to family conflict resolution plays a great role in determining the development of the dominating conflict resolution style.

Conflict is an inevitable part of human interaction. However, the way people deal with conflict is largely linked with the outcome of the conflict resolution. Many studies have been conducted to analyze the different styles of conflict management and resolution as Tou, Baker, Hadden and Lin (2015) write. “Consequently, the increasing amount of research conducted on the …show more content…

By far, the integrative approach is the best style of conflict management as it envisages a high level of concern for both the conflict manager and the conflicting parties. The compromising style of conflict management is characterized by the moderate concern for both the conflicting parties and the conflict resolver. In other instances, the conflict manager exhibits low concern for self while having high concern for others. For this reason the conflict management style is often referred to as obliging. Even more, there are instances when the conflict manager chooses to adopt the avoiding style of conflict. In this style, there is low concern for both self and others. Missing in the above overview of the conflict management styles is the dominating style, which is discussed in this study. Hopeck, Desrayaud, Harrison and Hatten (2014) defined conflict resolution as a process that should be geared towards having a solution that suits all the parties involved in the conflict. The author outlined how solution-oriented conflict resolution style provides more positive outcomes in comparison to the other styles of conflict management The dominating style of conflict management is one that Cai and Fink (2002) linked to frustration. In the authors’ explanation, it is natural for people to default to the dominating conflict

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