Conflict Between Conflict And Conflict

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There is no single, precise definition of the word conflict. However, most people recognize conflict in the forms of tension, frustration, verbal or physical abuse, disagreement, annoyance, or rivalry (Carter and Byrnes, 2006). Conflict can occur when two or more individuals or groups have differing interests. Additionally, conflict often involves one or both sides determinedly interfering with the efforts of the other side to achieve its goals. However, conflict can occur when two sides are trying to cooperate in accomplishing a common goal but have conflicting thoughts on the best course of action to pursue. Conflict can range from friendly competition to extreme violence (Carter et al., 2006). In studying the numerous varieties …show more content…

A positive conflict concludes in mutual satisfaction (Drafke, 2009). Below are the benefits that might result in positive conflicts: 1. As a consequence of a conflict, talents, and abilities might emerge. When an individual encounters conflict, he or she may become more resourceful than they are in a calm state (Dubrin, 2017). Conflict often instills creativity in people (Dubrin, 2017). For example, research has shown that workers exposed to a mild conflict in the work environment often obtained more job-associated information. Therefore, they performed their jobs better (Dubrin, 2017). 2. Experiencing conflict can enable one to feel better since conflict fulfills some psychological needs. Even though most people like a good fight, most individuals will be content to argue as a substitute (Dubrin, 2017). 3. Conflict can cause people to become united. As a result of a conflict, individuals involved may be made more accommodating to each other in the aftermath (Dubrin, 2017). Many believe that accommodation of disputing parties is a result of mutual experiences of being in a conflict (Dubrin, 2017) 4. Conflict can avert poor decisions in that it prevents people from agreeing too fast with each other. A potential problem of group decision making is what many refer to groupthink. Groupthink emerges when some groups become so cohesive that their tendency to agree

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