Conflict Between Iran And Iraq Essay

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Society is hard pressed to find a region within the world today, which has experienced as much conflict, as the Middle East. The bloodiest and most volatile of these conflicts would be the Iran-Iraq war, proving to be the most bitter and detrimental conflict since World War II, and the worst the region has seen in recent years. Hostile relations and continued territorial clashes occurred between these two countries before September 22, 1980, however this day would mark the official declaration of war on Iran by Saddam Hussein. The next eight years of war would go on to claim the lives of over a million soldiers and civilians. In terms of war, this conflict would play out as a typical interstate war, with intense utilization of land, air, and naval forces throughout its entirety. The escalation between Iran and Iraq was not new, and there are multiple theories as to the origin of conflict, with everything from geopolitics and disputes over territory, to religious divisions and Saddam’s fear of how the Iranian Revolution of 1979 would affect Iraq. However, looking through the theoretical framework of Realism and its theories of balance and power and the security dilemma, this all plays to a patterned framework consistent with mistrust, uncertainty and opportunism which come to explain the major causes of the conflict and why countries compete. The following historical narrative serves as a background to highlight the major points of conflict, while furnishing a concise view

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