Conflict Between The Citizens And Police

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There have been conflicts between the citizens and police in the past. Numerous investigations made regarding these conflicts have occurred, with the Kerner Commission being formulated to investigate the cause of this disorder. The commission reported that the conflict was caused by distrust and hostility between the police and minorities. The commission recommended that the government should hire more police from the minority groups and that would change the state of things significantly. The hiring of minority groups was combined with increased standards for the police conduct and educational opportunities for them. The police behavior is a thing that should be rectified to ensure that there is peaceful coexistence between the police and civilians.
The LEAA (Law Enforcement Assistant Administration) raised the level of education for the police officers and that improved the conduct of the police force. The reforms assumed that the officers from the minority groups that include women, better-trained officers and better education will lead to police officers acting differently compared to the previous less educated officers who were mainly white men. They also assumed that the changes will help officers in relating better with the minority citizens. LEAA assumed that the women officers would treat suspects in a less aggressive and less violent manner. The reforms concluded that the educated officers will be able to deal better with the demands that arise from policing and

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