Conflict Is An Inevitable Element Of Life We All Go Through

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Conflict is an inevitable element of life; we all go through conflict in every ramification of our life: in relationships, family of origin and even workplaces. What is conflict? Interpersonal conflict can be defined as an “expressed struggle between two or more interdependent parties who perceive incompatible goals, scarce resources, and interference from others in achieving their goals” (Wilmot an, 2011, pg.11). It is important to note that conflict is not always bad and it can range from a mild disagreement to outright war between two parties. In this paper, I will analyze my conflict situation using some conflict resolution concepts and also substantiate insights on how my conflict could have been better handled.
I am also not
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At the meeting the next Monday, one item at the agenda was to give constructive feedback about the event and all we got from Priscila was outright negative feedbacks ranging from the setup to the duties assigned. After that meeting she started giving an attitude to all the executives and also giving excuses for not coming to the council’s weekly meetings. After many weeks of negative attitudes and excuses, she resigned from her executive position and sent an email to the co-chairs to affect that change.
The issue within this conflict is based on the question of who should welcome the audience to the event. I wanted to welcome the audience to the event because I had been assigned that duty as agreed upon in the previous meeting while Priscila wanted to do the welcome or introductions because it fit into her duty as moderator. Interpersonal conflict arises either because people want different things or they want the same things. With regards to my conflict with Priscila, we both wanted to assume the position of welcoming people to the event. Priscila and I belong to the same student advisory council where we volunteer our time as council executives. In this conflict, Priscila wanted her opinions to be respected while I wanted the notions addressed within the minutes to be adhered to without stepping on another person’s toe. Within this conflict, I wanted to save face and be seen as responsible, efficient and competent as a leader who
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