Conflict Resolution Of The United States

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This year students have taken a rather exciting adventure into the wonderful world of conflict resolution; more importantly, conflict resolution in the church. For the past six weeks students have constantly studied the different type of conflicts as well as the different methods of resolving the conflicts in question. This paper will cover a variety of the types of conflicts and some of the resolution learned in the class this year. In addition to that, the paper will also detail different case studies of the Bible where these particular conflicts are shown, how they developed, and finally, how they were resolved.
One of the first examples of conflict resolution we discovered was conflict that is resolved by cessation of proximity. …show more content…

Paul not really wanting a repeat of what transpired in the past actually disagrees with Barnabas. Even though Mark is involved in the conflict, the actually conflict is between the close friends Paul and Barnabas. There was an underlying issue that most don’t see without adequate Bible Study; Mark and Barnabas were cousins. Nevertheless, the motivating interest in the conflict was that Paul for one did not want another repeat where a brother would desert him while preaching the Gospel of the Lord. Secondly, Paul more than likely questioned Mark’s faith in Christ after he fled so easily the first time. The conflict yet is finally resolved when Paul and Barnabas that the cessation of proximity approach and split from each other. This is one of the saddest splits of the Bible in the eyes of many scholars. After this conflict, Paul and Barnabas are never mentioned together again. We should learn to take out relationships more seriously and attempt every effort of reconciliation before they consider this damaging route of relationship destruction.
Another conflict resolution method is attempting to resolve a conflict by speaking the truth in love. This in all aspects will take the power of God and the Holy Spirit; all have heard the saying that “It’s not what you say, but how you say it”. This is where speaking truth in love comes into play in a matter of conflict resolution. As the Bible states on the subject of love, “Love is

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