Managing Interpersonal Communication Paper

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“Self-concept is a personal perception of some ones self as a person. This perception is compiled with beliefs and feelings about oneself as well as structured with the qualities that are found in an individual. Self -concept is also yourself in particular situations or paired to specific traits.” (Bevan,2014).
I think with self-concept goes through the interpersonal relationships we have through the years and can go through changes as we get older. I think you can be define by other and what others say define you or we start making changes of self-concept through your interpersonal communications. Having a positive self-concept will likely help in a successful relationship. If others say negative things about you and you begin to believe these things it will likely affect your relationship. This could lead to a bad self-concept and letting this affect you in a negative way it could have negative effects on your current interpersonal …show more content…

Management of conflict is the most common outcome but resolution of the conflict is recommended. “Although management is the most likely conflict outcome, it can be problematic when conflicts become serial arguments” (Bevan, 2014).
I think it is important that instead we find a way to resolve our conflict, so that it does not continue to happen. By “This means that there is a strong likelihood that the issue will come up again and that the parties will engage in future interactions regarding the issue”. Resolution is important and should try and be obtained, these three things must occur for a resolution to happen: “The parties in the conflict decide to end the conflict. The parties are both satisfied with the outcome of the conflict. The parties do not engage in or deal with the conflict again” (Bevan, 2014).

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