Conflict in the Workplace

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Workplace conflict is a specific type conflict that occurs in the workplace. Conflict can arise anywhere, anytime, by any given person. Workplaces are already stressful enough before conflict contributes to its share of stress. Long hours, hierarchical structure of the organization and unrealistic expectations are just a few of a dozen of factors that help shape the conflict that arises in the workplace.
There are many different types of conflict that occur in the workplace. The five most common are as follows: 1. Interdependence Conflict: A person relies on someone else’s co-operation, output, or input in order for them to get their job done. Ex: Jacob, a salesperson, is always late inputting monthly sales figures, which causes …show more content…

* Demographic: As mentioned before, these kids are from all over the state-rarely more than one from the same area-so they may get picked on for coming from a “country” or “ghetto” area. Also, it’s quite often that conflict arises because one client is defending his affiliation or so called “gang” while in the presence of a rival affiliation. They argue over who’s hometown is better and shockingly enough, who has the hottest girlfriend. * Phase Levels: Our program is broken down into 6 levels. The first 14 earned days, a client is on Phase One-Orientation. On this phase, clients are not allowed to leave the facility to participate in any outings or activities, due to AWOL risk. Usually, learning of the schedule, rules, and names distracts clients from severe misbehavior in the beginning. We refer to this as “the honeymoon”. The next phase level is Exploration, which also requires 14 days earned (you earn days by having “0” incidences throughout both 1st and 2nd shifts) and good behavior for advancement to Phase 3; Discovery. This phase requires 28 days earned and good behavior for advancement to Phase 4-Reclaiming. This offers extra phone calls, a later bedtime and a few other perks that can motivate clients to reach this level. Expansion, Phase 5, also requires 28 days and the perks of Reclaiming, but it is the only phase that allows clients

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