Conflicts Within The Workplace Conflict

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While conflict is a part of social relationships, there are many conflicts that are escalated beyond the normal day-to-day interactive conflicts. Day-to-day interactive conflicts such as disagreeing about what to cook for dinner or when to mow the lawn are inevitable and for the most part, relatively easy to negotiate. However, more serious conflicts arise during the course of daily living as well: in which religion to raise children if parents come from differing ideological backgrounds or how much to spend on family vacations. Daily living and conflicts within the family are not the only conflict, however. Conflicts at work, in social situations, in political debates, and in global issues create tension in daily life as well. Both …show more content…

I knew it would not be an issue, as this particular store hired and employed numerous college students and had the reputation of being a college-friendly workplace. At that time, both the human resources person and my supervisor indicated that scheduling would not be an issue. I also gave them my class schedule at that time and let them know when I was available to be scheduled, and both agreed that there should be no scheduling difficulties as I was part-time and there were several other people who worked in the department where I would be working.
During my first few weeks at the sporting goods store, things went smoothly. I was trained by the lead in my department, and the supervisor checked on my progress occasionally. When it came time to work on my own, the supervisor left a schedule in my work mailbox, as he did for everyone every two weeks, and I noticed that he had scheduled me for several shifts during times that I had indicated I was not available due to classes. That day, I approached my supervisor and let him know that I could not work some of my scheduled shifts. He told me that he was sorry about the scheduling, and that he would correct it on the next schedule, but for now, I would have to work the shifts on the schedule. I told him that I could not, and he

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