Conflicts Within The Workplace Conflict

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While conflict is a part of social relationships, there are many conflicts that are escalated beyond the normal day-to-day interactive conflicts. Day-to-day interactive conflicts such as disagreeing about what to cook for dinner or when to mow the lawn are inevitable and for the most part, relatively easy to negotiate. However, more serious conflicts arise during the course of daily living as well: in which religion to raise children if parents come from differing ideological backgrounds or how much to spend on family vacations. Daily living and conflicts within the family are not the only conflict, however. Conflicts at work, in social situations, in political debates, and in global issues create tension in daily life as well. Both individual and group conflicts occur in all of these situations.
Concepts surrounding workplace conflict often focus on rate of compensation and benefits, scheduling, distribution of the workload, and favoritism. I have experienced a substantial workplace conflict with a specific individual for the past year, most of which is focused on scheduling. I was hired about a year ago to work in a retail sporting goods store. I was excited about the opportunity and looked forward to earning a paycheck there as well as learning about business and possibly management. At the time of my interview, I spoke with two individuals – the human resources director for the store and the person who would be my supervisor. Along with all of the typical interview…
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