Conformity In School Uniforms

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Nineteen percent of public school principals reported requiring uniforms in the 2009-2010 school year, up from 12 percent a decade earlier (Flam). The percentage of public schools whose principals reported enforcement of a strict dress code rose from 47 percent to 57 percent during the decade (Flam).Clothing is considered one of the major tools of building an identity but uniforms encourage conformity instead of personality. Just think, your daughter just bought a new shirt or your son just bought a new pair of jeans but they aren't allowed to wear them in school. They’re forced to wear the same type of clothing as the strangers walking in the hall. Seeing the same thing over and over again can get pretty boring. How else are you supposed to show off your new shirt or shoes? Also, another reason why uniforms are boring is because of their colors. They always require the dull colors like navy blue, mucus green, black or on occasion white. Parents want their kids to enjoy school as much as they can. Why not start with wearing what they're happy in. When going out to buy pieces to a uniform it can get pretty pricey. Shirts plus pants plus shoes add up quickly, so I was not surprised to find that the average cost of school uniforms for parents is $249 (Runge). When you compound all the people that have to buy school uniforms, it totals to $1 billion annually (Anderson). You can buy the Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Cubs for that much money. Shopping for your uniform
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