Constraints Are Vital For Any Type Of Design Project Essay

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b. Constraints
Constraints are vital for any type of design project. While you do not want too many of them within your project, they are inevitable and should be worked around accordingly. Most of the constraints we will face involve resources and time. We have a limited budget and all of our group members have busy schedules. While these constraints will conflict with the abstract properties of the system, they are very important to prepare for during the design process. Thus, we carefully determined and listed the necessary constraints for our design project shown in Appendix A.
c. Standards
Standards are also a vital engineering requirement that help ensure the health and safety of any products that are designed, produced, and presented to the market by engineers. Without having a plan to meet a criteria of standards, your product could be a huge safety hazard and unfit for release. We identified and described the different standards that influence our design project in Appendix B.

d. Global, Economic, Environmental, and Societal perspective
Looking at our project from a global, environmental, and societal perspective, I’d say that it’s not hugely impactful. Mostly due to intended use for this project. It’s a training tool used for electrical engineering students. Thus, will only truly impact that small minority of people. However, it should at least be economical. Similar systems found online are quite expensive. The development of this project was relatively cheap

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