Construction Engineering : Construction Science And Materials Essay

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Construction BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Construction & the Built Environment Unit 4 – Construction Science and Materials Liam Mc Ardle Mrs C Keyes Scenario: A property developer is converting an old railway station into retail and office accommodation. The client is keen to make the working environment for the staff as comfortable as possible. As a consultant, explain how this can be done by addressing the relevant grading criteria. The railway station above would be very well suited to being able to convert the building into a retail or office space. The ground is very flat and level at the station and it is quite isolated which allows the people in the office to have some privacy. The railway station is very large which allow enough space for a shop if it was used for retail or enough space for of a large modern office. I hope to convert this railway station into a retail & modern comfortable office space, like the one below. Introduction For this assignment I have to develop a decent understanding of the factors of human comfort within any building. The people must feel comfortable within their own work environment and workplace. To be able to offer them the comfort they need to be able to work to the best of their ability, I need to learn about the factors that can affect how comfortable

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