The Information Of Learning Theories

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What did you find surprising or striking as you furthered your knowledge about how people learn?
This course gave me the opportunity to rediscover and learn and understand my learning style and strategies. It provided me with a better understanding of the different learning styles and theories. What I found surprising was the fact that as an instructional designer you can increase the motivation level in the learner. Instruction designers can achieve learning environments and stimulate and sustain motivation, even though they cannot control it. The learner is the one responsible for their motivation, but it is clear that the environment can have a strong impact on both the direction and intensity of a person’s motivation. Furthermore, constructivism and social learning theories are very enlightening. The information of learning constructivist theories brings an understanding of the circumstance in which learning occurs and the social contexts that learners bring to the learning environment. The learning theories give a good foundation on the academic level and developments in the motivational research area, and the ARCS Model makes it possible to apply it to the online learning environment. I was also surprised to learn that I am also a social learner. I am a very private person and didn’t consider myself a social learner, however, I have learned that I enjoy more socializing in an online platform than in the classroom or a face-to-face contact. I also learned that I use

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