Consumer Credit

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1.1 Background of the problem:

Banking concept has been evolved since the rapid development of information technology. Nowadays almost all over the world, retail banking concept is well-orchestrated name which has indeed added a new feather to the gamete of banking lexicon. The introduction of retail banking in Bangladesh has led the banking industry to the doorstep of embryonic prospects and potentials. Consequently, several local and foreign banks came in this country to get abundant benefit for their financial betterment. In recent years, the banks are aggressively pursuing their marketing strategy to take hold of new segments with purpose to discover new
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1.3Objective of the report:
The core objectives of this study are to explore of consumer credit of prime bank and management of retail credit risk of the bank. The main objectives of the report are as follows: ➢ Exploring different consumer product of prime bank. ➢ Establishing a appropriate credit risk environment. ➢ Maintaining an appropriate credit administration and monitoring process. ➢ Ensuring adequate control over credit risk ➢ Credit disbursement process.
1.4 Scope of the report:
This paper limits its study to the consumer credit facility and credit risk management of the prime bank limited. The study aims to find out the trend of the performance indicator. The report also cover the operational and functional area of prime bank limited .Besides this paper also cover different product and service and credit disbursement procedure.

1.5 Restraint of the report:
Every study has some limitations. So, this project paper is not exceptional. The paper is made on the basis of data or explanation available from various books, annual report of the bank and different publications. A major limitation of this report is that bankers’ do not want to provide all information. Besides, the following are the main constraint of the report: ▪ It was very difficult to collect the valuable information since confidential facts. ▪ Because of the limitation of studying only on branch some assumption was made. ▪ To prepare this extensive
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