Essay On Shampoo Relationship

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Consumer Behaviour 7SSMM 503
Consumer-Product Relationship Report
Professor Kirk Plangger

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Report Outline
1. Introduction
2. Method
3. Findings & Discussion
4. Implications
5. Conclusion
6. References
7. Index
Do consumers have a connection with their shampoo brand? To find out, we interviewed four individuals on their choices, associations, and purchasing decisions when it came to shampoo. The aim of this research was to learn how consumer-product relationships develop and relate to future purchasing decisions with mundane products less than five pounds. From the interviewers, we discovered how consumers relate to shampoo, their purchasing habits, price …show more content…

Our first recommendation is the “Point System”, although consumers tend to buy the same shampoo brand for many years, they are still price sensitive and eager to make use of any potential offers or discounts. We therefore suggest that shampoo marketers respond to this price sensitivity by offering discounts to repeat users. Our final recommendation for shampoo marketing managers is “Brand Ambassadors”, in our interviews we found that our subjects have been using the same brand for years and that most of them started using the brand based on observing a member of their reference group e.g. a family member. We therefore believe that marketers should highlight these two points by using brand ambassadors.

Conclusion Through our interviews we aimed to understand the consumer-product relationship between individuals and their shampoo brand. As a group we were surprised by the level of brand loyalty individuals have towards their shampoo. A successful marketing campaign should therefore not only take into account the consumer decision making process but also the consumer-product relationship. As it is through exploiting and analyzing this relationship that marketers can capture new customers and retain old customers. Marketing managers should not underestimate the power of the consumer-product relationship even for something as mundane and seemingly unimportant as

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