Contributions Of Prominent Women 's Islam

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Zeena Housini 12B March 21, 2017
Contributions of Prominent Women in Islam
In today’s world, Islam is misrepresented in almost every way and aspect. A major topic which is discussed many times is the role of women and how Islam views and treats women. In Islam, women are put on pedestals and given the utmost respect they deserve and in fact are given rights women in pre-Islamic times were not granted. These rights helped form some of the greatest, most courageous prominent women of our times. Islam has some of the most historically wise teachers, doctors, and leaders, a good number of which happen to be female. It is important to discuss the contributions of such females and to be educated on their success as it all …show more content…

It is apparent that Zaynub had heavily made an impact on the people around in order for her to gain the nickname of being, “Mother of the Poor”. She was very kind and generous to the poor people around her and although anyone could act like so, it is apparent that she went out of her way to help the poor. Her actions towards the poor show a role model manner in which they are to be treated. This contribution shows us, and future Muslims to come, how to humble ourselves and treat everyone we meet with basic human rights. Also, it exhibits the example of being kind and generous to those you met, whether they are rich or poor.
So far, a prominent female Muslim teacher and a notable citizen have been covered; it is now time to cover an example of a prominent Muslimah leader. Asma bint Shihab Al-Sulayyhiya was the Queen of Yemen from 437-460 (AH) and ruled belong side her husband, King Ali bin Muhammad Al-Sulayhi. Asma is the perfect example of a strong and independent female political leader. She was known to make decisions and have a say in things that would happen during meetings and had an active role in state affairs. Also, Asma practically mentored the future Queen Arwa and taught her how to prepare for her future. Her presence in Islamic history encourages others to persist and showed many how to be an independent, knowledgeable, and wise leader.
Just as there were prominent figures in the past during the reveal of Islam, there are also many courageous Muslimahs

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