Essay about Control System Response in Time Domain

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| 3304ENG/7517ENG – Control SystemsSemester 1, 2012 | | System Response in Time Domain | Name | Student No | Time Slot | Signature | 1 Johan Jarvi | | Monday | | Tuesday | | Wednesday | | Thursday | 13:00 | Friday | | | | 2 Lachlan Hutch | | | | | | | | We, by signing this page, declare that the work presented in this report is all work done by us, unless appropriate reference has been made to the work of others. We acknowledge that should this not be the case the report will receive zero marks and due action may be taken. | | Lab Number: 1 | | | Demonstrator | | Submitted on | | Mark Received | |

Experiment 1
1.1. Requirements of Experiment 1 …show more content…

The values of Kp are 0.2576, 0.7727 and 10.3 for T1(s), T2(s) and T3(s) respectively.

1.3. Solution Description
In order to complete the experiment the values for Kp were needed as shown at the end of the previous section. The method of simplify the block diagram in section 1.2 to the final transfer function equation is shown below:
Ts= KpKmKθτS+1s+KpKmKθ

Then by substituting in values for Km, Kθ and τ, gives:
Ts= 15.53Kp0.1s2+s+15.53Kp
Ts= 155.3Kps2+10s+155.3Kp eq. 1.3.1.

That then is the final version of the simplified equation to get the values for Kp needed in the ESVL section of the experiment.
In order to calculate the response characteristics the equations listed in the introductions were utilized and programmed into the MATLAB program in order to speed up the calculation progress for each of the experiments.
The MATLAB code generated was quite basic, the program aimed to easily calculate the required variables through firstly finding the pole locations using the MATLAB built in abs

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