Conversion Is Percentage ( Number ) Of Applicants That Are Admitted

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Conversion is percentage (number) of applicants that are admitted.
Closure is percentage (number) of admits who enroll.
Applicant stage is the first and very important point in the enrollment funnel for which sufficient data are present and known. Two jobs ago, I worked at Conestoga College in Kitchener and details how application process works are known to me. Also, in research was used article from WLU Core newspaper from July 16, 2014. In present school system, by the end of February up to 80% of all applicant data will be at University’s disposal, including admissions decisions, financial aid and awards that will be processed at various offices.

Then, I appologized to both of them before asking this very blunt question:

1) Were
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It means that acceptance letters were sent to 1112 students. Last year closure rate was 20% for the same 200 spots. It means that acceptance letters were sent to 1000 students last year. So, wrong conclusion was achieved: technically, yes - closure rate was lower this year but all available spots were filled anyway without sacrificing quality. (The other question that could be asked is: are they willing (or able) to expand and teach more students?) However, no matter how data were understood, the research could not be stopped at this point and more questions were asked (again followed by answers), but some of them were requiring conducting observational research and surveys:

1) How to feed funnel of University of Kitchener?
• No enrollment is possible without adequate inquiries – Inquiry pool has to be large enough to sustain the growth.
• Identifying Target Markets:
A) Adjust applicant pool in such a way to ultimately enroll the students that meet your strategic goals.
B) Population projections (e.g., high school grads by city/region/province)
C) High school market research (identify target schools that graduate the type of students you want; understand which schools give most students and which could give more, D) Locate
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