Conviviality: A Must in Public Places Essay

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“CONVIVIALITY”, A MUST IN THE REALM OF PUBLIC The word “conviviality” is always accompanied by numerous positive interpretations such as pleasantness, welcome, warmth and cordiality. When referred to a place rather than a person it can be described as joyful, memory-making and lively. Conviviality is a much needed quality in the realm of public, definitely in recreational public places. A place where people feel warmly welcomed: a place where they feel belonged to: a place where memories are created to be cherished; such a place could be described as convivial and for recognized as a people’s place. If a particular recreational public place is not designed to be convivial, then that place has no soul and is merely another space. …show more content…

2.2.0 ATTRIBUTES OF CONVIVIALITY In order to determine the conviviality of a place the first step is to identify the attributes that contribute to create it. It is important to understand the level of contribution of each attribute and their interrelationships so that an architect or designer could make the maximum out of it when it comes to designing. According to Shaftoe (2008), there are four main types of attributes that contribute to create convivial places. 1. Geographical attributes 2. Physical attributes 3. Sensual attributes 4. Psychological attributes 2.2.1 Geographical attributes Aspects such as location, climate and topography fall under this category. The location of a particular place has a vital influence on its conviviality. The ambiance of a place can vary in a vast range depending on the geographical location such as in coastal, hilly, with terrains, valley, flat-land etc. Based on that, a walk trail can even referred to as a hiking trail or skiing trail. The climate of a context is another determining factor as it specifies the activities offered in a place. As an example, a bright sunny tropical climate would promote different kind of activities as oppose to a gloomy and cold climate. Shaftoe (2008, p. 60) notes that the ‘micro-climate’ of a certain place can be incorporated positively in order to create ‘conviviality’. Topography is the third geographical attribute which

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