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Unit 051: Promote communication in children’s and young people’s settings.

Outcome 1: Understand why effective communication is important in the work setting

(A.C 1)

Different reasons people communicate are:

• To build relationships – by smiling, waving or simply saying hello when building a relationship with a new child, new member of staff or new parents settling into our setting.

• Maintaining relationships – by simply saying hello or goodbye to people and children in our setting is maintaining a relationship which involves a lot of our language and communication use.

• To gain and share information – which helps us in the way we work. Information we gain and share not only comes from the children but
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(A.C 2)

There are a number of factors that early years workers need to consider in promoting effective communication with others as it is essential to consider different communication methods which are the right communication style, although most of our communication is based on face to face interactions there are certain factors we need to consider when using this communication style such as:

Environment which is important to think about the location as in a busy and loud environment it is hard to communicate and have a conversation such as for parents and young people we may choose a quiet place whereas with toddlers and young children we need to provide a welcoming and friendly place.

Proximity, orientation and posture which helps us to be sensitive towards other peoples needs such as children who we may have a strong positive relationship with may feel better having us close to them but with children who we do not know this might scare or push them away which also requires us to be observe when communicating. Also how to position your body when communicating as to not be so direct when standing right in front of a child or adult as this makes it uneasy to break eye contact which could make the encounter uncomfortable where standing at a slight angle allows it to be less direct and at ease
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