Coping With Bipolar Disorder Through Self-Medicating With

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Coping with Bipolar Disorder through self-medicating with Alcohol
Brianna Moore
East Stroudsburg University

A common way to cope with bipolar disorder is through the use of alcohol. While some people with bipolar disorder cope with medication prescribed to them by a doctor, many other patients will depend on self-medication through the use of alcohol.
Bipolar Disorder is a disorder when a person who suffers from it can have moments of depressive symptoms but also have episodes of mania. Bipolar disorder is also known as manic depression. Mania in a person can be described as having rapid thoughts, aggression, increased physical activity, and many more symptoms. The depressive symptoms in a person with bipolar can be …show more content…

Serotonin is the reason for the mania in bipolar disorder whereas the other two chemicals is what creates depression and bipolar disorder. There are different ways to cope with bipolar disorder and the feelings that one feels when going through episodes. There are many ways to cope with bipolar disorder, some more effective than others. Ways that people with bipolar disorder cope are through psychotherapy, medications, substance abuse, electric shock therapy and more methods that are not mentioned above. Psychotherapy is a way of coping through talking with a counselor; this is able to help because the patient is able to talk about what is bothering them and the way that one is feeling at the time. However, bipolar disorder needs more then psychotherapy since it is a chemical imbalance. Bipolar disorder can be helped with medications that can help fix the imbalance. “Pharmacotherapy is still the essential treatment for the acute mania in bipolar disorder. The only drugs that were approved by the FDA were lithium and chlorpromazine.” (quote acute mania) As years went by the more new discoveries were made for different mood stabilizers to treat bipolar disorder. When being prescribed to any medication for mental illness, the therapist should make sure that they are giving the correct dosages for the patient and making sure the side effects if any, are not irrational or making the symptoms worse rather than better. One of the typical and most used

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