Corporate Brand Personality : Bp

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process, which BP ultimately administered, disregarding health, safety and environmental conditions. During the crisis, BP purchased search terms to control the online search links to place the BP response page as a top hit (Kerin et al., 2015). There was an anthropomorphizing of the corporate brand personality when BP’s chief executive officer, Tony Haywood not only became the face and voice of BP, but was BP. Full-page advertisements were corporate’s marketing response featuring it’s pro-environmental green sunburst logo. Announcing, “We will make it right” before the well was even capped (Balmer et al, 2011, p. 11). Tony Hayward, the face of BP day in and day out inflamed the public against the corporation with his off-the-cuff remark, “I’d like my life back.” The tone was flippant and his other responses became obscure with frustration (“¬Deepwater”, 2015). A New Orleans federal judge ruled BP’s gross negligence, and willful misconduct caused the oil spill in the Gulf; the recklessness of the actions made them 67 percent culpable, Transocean 30 percent liable and Halliburton 3 percent accountable and subject to $20.8 billion fines (Mufson, 2014, p.1). The tremendous clean-up costs and fines as well as the substantial damage to their reputation indicates that the decisions made by BP were detrimental to the corporation’s success (Lin-Hi and Blumberg, 2011, p 575). A more recent example of a corporation with the utilitarianism philosophy is how profitable Allegiant…
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