Corporate Social Performance

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Corporate Social Performance Introduction: As the CEO of a medium-sized business, my priorities are not just to help steer a profitable company but also to make it a positive and contributing member of its surrounding community. This is especially important for a company that specializes in the packaging and marketing of healthy, nutritious and convenient foods. Natural Gardens Food Products offers a wide range of pre-packaged healthy options for breakfast, lunch and dinner that are great for healthy eaters who are on-the-go. Though Natural Gardens is inherently involved in promoting various campaigns for making healthy lifestyle choices, there is a large area of opportunity for improvement in its service to the community. The discussion hereafter will consider these opportunities for better Corporate Social Performance (CSP) and the stakeholders that will be directly impacted. Company Description: Natural Gardens Food Products was founded in 1999 by two brothers. Today, it is a company consisting of 40 employees, two local warehouses and a fleet of 5 delivery vans. Natural Gardens has established a positive reputation in the community by using part of each of its warehouse facilities as a made-to-order deli style storefront. These storefronts serve not only as popular destinations for community members on their way to work or on lunch break, but it has also allowed us to provide a community bulletin board. The bulletin board features a variety of health and
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