Corporate, Social Responsibility And Business Ethics

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CONCEPTS applied by the organization CAT (based on 3 units-communication skills, ethics and behaviour, goal settings)
We did some research online and decided to choose CATERPILLAR as our subject. Its performance is used as an indication to figure out world’s economy today. This is a six sigma company and follows all the quality standards and all the business process discussed in the text book. Thus we have applied our concepts and applications based on the work done by Caterpillar Inc.
It is an American corporation which designs, manufactures, markets and sells machinery, engines, financial products and insurance to customers via a worldwide dealer network. (Wikipedia)
Firstly, we would like to focus on some concepts about corporate,
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Apart from safety, Energy Australia has a whistle blower policy related to reporting of any non-conforming or illegal behaviour in the workplace. This is another example of internal ethical practice by an organization. Moving on to external ethical behaviour, we have examples of Toyota 's Community Spirit Gallery and Energy Australia 's apprenticeship programs. Ethical management practices can be demonstrated in a company 's outsourcing practice, amassing raw materials and relationship with its suppliers. Reduction in water and energy consumption are 2 areas in which CAT focuses.. This is an excellent example of being responsible to the environment and the employees. In my opinion, CSR may distract from the fundamental economic role of a business. To satiate my business profit-minded thinking, I was extremely interested in knowing about the benefits of CSR. This CAT policy explains about some of the long-term benefits a business can have due to investing in CSR. It also gives reasoning’s behind it. Some of it is
1. Socially responsible and ethical businesses may retain employees better since employees are more motivated and satisfied in a business that practices ethics and CSR.
2. Socially responsible and ethical businesses can attract better quality talents.
3. Socially responsible and ethical businesses can attract more investors. CSR can give a proxy for better management
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