Corporate Social Responsibility And Csr

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CSR Concept
The following report has been prepared with a view to understand how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) works in the Brazilian market.
CSR is quite a recent theme in the world, and even more in Brazil. There is not an exclusive concept accepted when it comes to the definition of CSR, (Araujo, 2006; Oliveira Claro; Pimentel Claro; Lucci, 2009). According to Passador (2002), the first CSR concept in Brazil (between businesses, society and the State) emerged with the publication of the Brazilian Social Report by the Brazilian Institute of Social Analysis (IBASE). In 1998, a non-profit organization called the Ethos Institute was established to extend the work carried out by IBASE, in order to mobilize, encourage and help …show more content…

CSR Attitudes and UNGC principles There are seven formal CSR attitudes that most Brazilian companies follow in order to strengthen their social image, and they are: transparent communication, return to shareholders, synergy with partners, customer satisfaction, supporting the development of local community, environmental preservation and investment in well-being of employees (Melo Neto; Froes, 1999, p 84 apud Souza, 2006). We see that these attitudes follow most of UNGC’s principles. Currently, there are 660 participants from Brazil in the UNGC; amongst them are Brazil’s largest corporations, as well as SMEs, Brazilian business associations, civic and academic organizations. UNGC was introduced in Brazil in 2001. In 2003, the Global Contact Network was formed and has six thematic task forces: governance, communications, environment, education, anti-corruption, human rights and labour (Global Compact Network Brazil). However, as stated above, Ethos Institute serves more of a reference for Brazilian companies than UNGC, which lead to the partnership of the Global Compact Network and The Ethos Institute. According to Duarte (2010), “Brazil has been the leading country in corporate social responsibility with

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