Corporate Social Responsibility And Csr

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CSR Concept
The following report has been prepared with a view to understand how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) works in the Brazilian market.
CSR is quite a recent theme in the world, and even more in Brazil. There is not an exclusive concept accepted when it comes to the definition of CSR, (Araujo, 2006; Oliveira Claro; Pimentel Claro; Lucci, 2009). According to Passador (2002), the first CSR concept in Brazil (between businesses, society and the State) emerged with the publication of the Brazilian Social Report by the Brazilian Institute of Social Analysis (IBASE). In 1998, a non-profit organization called the Ethos Institute was established to extend the work carried out by IBASE, in order to mobilize, encourage and help companies manage business in a socially responsible way. According to them, CSR is “a form of management defined by an ethical and transparent relationship of a company with all its stakeholders; with the establishment of entrepreneurial goals compatible with society’s sustainable development, as well as environmental and cultural preservation for future generations, respecting diversity and promoting the reduction of social inequalities” (ETHOS Institute, 2010, p. 78). In addition to supporting the social responsibility actions, the institute launched indicators that aim to assess the incorporation of social practices by companies in Brazil. We have seen a shift of the idea of corporate social responsibility as philanthropy or social action. The…
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