Effect of Csr Activities on Sales

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Business Research Methods

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Problem - In today’s society, there is a growing interest in, and demand for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Reasons for this can be multinational corporations’ increasing
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In this initiative persuasive communications are important, to create concern and to persuade people to contribute or participate to support the cause. In successful campaigns use of motivating messages and the choice of effective media channels are crucial. They also make use of publicity, printed materials, special events, web sites, advertising, featuring the logo and key message of the company and those who represent the cause. Further methods are employee involvement, messages on product labelling and to provide store space for promotions.
Many of the potential benefits are marketing related, like strengthened brand positioning and preference, increased traffic and consumer loyalty. Other benefits are that it gives customers and employees an easy way of contributing, along with new and strong partnerships. b) Cause-related marketing
Cause Related Marketing (CRM) is defined as “a strategic positioning and marketing tool which links a company or brand to a relevant social cause or issue, for mutual benefit”. When using cause-related marketing the company decides to donate a specific percentage of the revenues or sales to a cause. The offer is often for a specific product and time period. Cause-related marketing is seen by many as a win-win
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