Corporate Social Responsibility Project - Ba 342 Sp15

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Corporate Social Responsibility Project – BA 342 SP15
Zulaikha Ismadi

The H.J. Heinz Company or Heinz, founded by Henry Heinz in 1888, is a renowned American food processing company. Heinz offers one of the world’s leading producers of convenient, healthy and reasonable food products, specializing in sauces, ketchup, soups, snacks, meals and infant nutrition. On February 2013, Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital successfully acquired Heinz, which provides tremendous value to Heinz shareholders. Since 1869, Heinz has been dedicated to sustainable business procedure which encompasses every aspect of their businesses.


Heinz provides ample benefits for their employees around the globe. In the United States, Heinz employees are eligible to obtain influenza shots at no cost and have the opportunity to acquire free preventive medical aids that include yearly checkups and other health screenings. Meanwhile, in the South America, there is a doctor on site to provide medical assistances to workers throughout the workweek. Generally, Heinz offers tremendous competitive health care benefits around the world in markets where there is an established demand for employer-sponsored plans. In terms of safety and well being of their employees, Heinz believes that occupational health and safety is the most crucial element of good operational performances from the factory floor to their global offices. They provide obligatory safety training for all production employees and
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