Social And Ecological Responsibility Of Business

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Introduction Business ethics in global economic can simply define in terms of social and ecological responsibility of business. According to these definitions, business ethics requires that business decisions should not focused on some of the socioeconomic and cultural of the decision, but also counterproductive in certain socioeconomic. This means that people who work in the business world should consider how their economic decisions affect others people, society, and even the environment.
Doing business in China While talking about business ethics in China, we may find some differences in between the Western models. China, of course, is a developing country, and the culture has undergone various changes over recent years. Most
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This scandal was especially embarrassing to the Sanlu group because it was purportedly such a quintessence of virtue that earned exempt from government food safety inspections since December 2005. The Sanlu Group 's infant formula was certified as a national free-inspection product for three years by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine (AQSIQ). This certification means that such products exempted from quality monitoring and inspection conducted by the government, and can be added in the award on behalf of outstanding brands. However, the scandal exposed Sanlu failed to detect the chemical Melamine in its baby milk powder formula, but also failed to explain why it did not publicly reveal the problem immediately but until September 2008. The incident became public only after Fonterra, The Sanlu 's New Zealand partner, which holds three seats on the company board. Fonterra informed New Zealand diplomats and reported to the Chinese government officials in Beijing of the problem. This incident shocked the world and pointed to a deeper inquiry in Chinese society where confidential profit often trumps the community as the country races to create a market economy that has outstripped government regulators. The Sanlu Group not only damaged the reputation of China 's food exports, but also destroyed the foundation of domestic dairy industry, leading to losing people 's confidence in food
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