Correlation Analysis And Descriptive Analysis Essay

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CHAPTER 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 3.0 Introduction This chapter discussed about types of study used in this research. Other than that, the population and sample have been selected in this study is public listed companies under PN17 category by Bursa Malaysia. The data will be collected through a secondary data which is the annual reports of the companies. Meanwhile, the measurement of variable also has been discussed in this research. Besides, the statistical analysis consists of four types of test which are descriptive analysis, reliability test, normality test and correlation analysis. Finally, this chapter concludes by summary of the chapter. 3.1 Type of study This study uses correlation analysis and descriptive analysis, but the main type of test that are used in this study are correlation analysis. 3.1.1 Correlation Analysis The correlation analysis are a process to examine whether there are relationship or not between dependant and independent variables (Higgins, 2005). The Pearson Correlation measures the linear association between two metric variables. The number representing the Pearson correlation is referred to as a correlation coefficient. It ranges from -1.00 to +1.00, with zero representing absolutely no association between two metric variables. While -1.00 or +1.00 is possible and represents a perfect association between two variables, it very seldom occurs. The larger the correlation coefficient, the stronger the linkage or level of association. Correlation

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