Counseling Articles: Clinical Supervision Essay

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Counseling Articles: Clinical Supervision: Tony Bush wrote an article regarding overcoming the hindrances to effective clinical supervision, which was published in Nursing Times website. Bush’s publication was influenced by the fact that clinical supervision is one of the most commonly misunderstood practices in contemporary nursing. However, clinical supervision provides a supportive and nurturing service to nurse practitioners by assisting them to critically reflect on the actions during the delivery of patient care. As a result, the author seeks to examine and explore the existing role and status of clinical supervision in the Nursing Health Service. Clinical supervision is basically described as a complex activity with …show more content…

In addition, managers and staff need to demonstrate ownership of the process in order to develop and nurture positive responses to the processes and increased participation from all individuals. Notably, the conceptual and practical elements of clinical supervision should be combined during the implementation or application processes. Clinical supervision is significant to counseling because of the crucial role it plays in the process with regards to providing emotional support and extra education to counselors receiving supervision. The significance of this concept to counseling is also attributed to its use in enhancing the professional performance and quality of work of counselors through effective monitoring and evaluation. This is basically because the clinical supervision process involves the counselor’s personal reflection regarding his/her thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, which result in improved self-understanding and self-knowledge. Self-esteem and Client Self-Care: Mary H. Guindon published an article to help promote accountability in the use of the self-esteem concept or construct. She stated that self-esteem is a major target of intervention as evident in the abundance of research on the concept as a significant aspect of personality variable (Guindon, 2002, p.80). Regardless of the popularity of this construct, it evident that counselors rarely evaluate levels of self-esteem, which is an indication of lack of accountability in the quality of

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