Counseling Reflection Paper

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Coming into this course, I never expected to have an hands on experience of actively practicing counseling skills in class. I thought this class was just about learning different mechanisms used in counseling to become a great counselor. However, the hands-on experience with a peer, helped me remember the skills learned in class. I liked the setup of how the class allowed us to learn the tools of counseling and then apply them right after. When I first started as a helper, I remaining mindful if I was saying the right things to the client, if I was being respectful, and if my body language was appropriate. I think as a helper I was effective at maintaining a positive attitude and remaining respectful to the client's circumstances. As a helper, I used my own personal experience to help better relate to the client; my character was a black male and my client was a black female. I found myself relating to the client from my own life experiences and trying to not come off as stereotypical. One of the hardest things I found with relating to people is trying not being disrespectful or crossing boundaries. I wanted to come into the sessions with a open space with no assumptions. I did not want to assume anything in the session, I allowed the client to tell me everything they wanted to tell me about their identity/life. As I helper, I feel I did a great job at active listening, and using verbal cues. I would often nod during the sessions and maintain a neutral voice. I also felt

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