Course Work Of Outsourcing And It Management

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Title: Course work of Outsourcing and IT Management Author: Monalisa Soni Date: 11/03/2015 Distribution: Mr Richard Johnson MSc Management of Business Information Technology Abstract Magic Kitchens is the family run business. It provides products which are reputed for high quality. Magic Kitchens is the leading company for kitchen installments and equipments in UK. This report outlines the issues, profound effect of those issues while outsourcing the business of organization. It also contains the details how to outsource the Magic Kitchen business changing the organizational behavior and their impacts and improvements on the business process. The suggested recommendations in this report can be helpful to Magic Kitchens to improve the current business and also to be secured in market in future. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Introduction 4 Introduction Magic Kitchen is a family run company and also leading in the business providing various choices to the customers. As the Magic Kitchens’s business is growing and they need to be secured in the market as a leading business company, while outsourcing the business many factors need to be improved to make the business process effective. Magic Kitchens has 500 employees, which are assumed to be enough while outsourcing the business. It will help and spare pair of hands for effective business. It needs to bring the people having the specific skills so that they

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