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Craig Raucher Offers Direct Sales Skills
As one of the many skills he has learned throughout his career in international freight and cargo handling, Craig Raucher has formed strong direct sales tactics. Direct sales, which is the process of selling a product or service away from a traditional storefront, is important to every style of business. Freight handling and transportation is not immune to this concept of marketing and sales.
Direct sales is accomplished through varying methods, and the one used will depend entirely upon the type of market or demographic that is targeted. In many cases, this form of sales is seen as a person to person interaction. Whether that includes selling door to door, catalog and brochure distribution, and telemarketing.
In the last few decades, direct sales has seen a booming increase through the
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Over three decades, he has increased the profits and good reputations of these businesses.
12. Understanding Organizational Leadership with Craig Raucher
Craig Raucher, a professional sales and marketing leader in the freight industry, has spent years honing his organizational leadership and management skills. Knowing that traditional leadership is both an art and a science, he has created his own system for business profit and success. When Raucher fuzes the art and science of leadership into one entity, organizational leadership is the result.
Though he has used his organizational leadership skills in the freight transportation industry, they are applicable in any business or corporation. Unlike standard management practices where a directive is given from on high, and then carried out by those below with no assistance from the top, organizational leaders are present for the entire process. This means that they are accessible to those below them for support and

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