Creative Leadership in a Company Essay

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The leaders were necessary since ancient times. Firstly, they task was to protect their tribe, made sure that his tribe always have the food. Later effective leadership helps to defend their country and at the same time extend national boundaries. In these days leadership makes a business company successful, allows a non-profitmaking organizations to achieve its mission. Thus, every company, organization and, of course, countries have a leaders, who decied wht is the best for them company, employees and etc. Furthermore, „The absence of leadership is equally dramatic in its effects“. (D. Quinn Mills, 2005) Due to, without leadership companies, organizations probably move too slowly with innovations, developing and in the end can lose their…show more content…
The capability of Edison to develop the light bulb, Steve Jobs to develop the personal computer – all these inventions emphasized the importance of creativity, which helps to improve society life. But, cannot find one generally accepted definition of creativity. In fact, there are as many ways of defining creativity as there are writers in the area. C. Andriopoulos and P. Dawson state that „creating something from nothing, being inspired to compose a symphony of lasting beauty, to imagine the new within the constraints of modern thought, and to think outside of traditional beliefs and conventions, all point to aspects of what we might commonly term „creativity““(Andriopoulos&Dawson, page 19,2009). Moreover, nowadays using our creativity for commercial goals has also payed the attention of a growing business community. Correspondingly, Senior and Fleming argue that to create more flexible organizational forms for growing business we need to engage employees. „The realization that strategic competitive advantage can be achieved through exploring creative and novel ways of achieving company objectives has led to a focus on cultures that promote shared values and attitudes whilst also encouraging the generation of new ideas“(Andriopoulos&Dawson, page 19, 2009). Likewise, creativity has always been regarded as a benefit for individuals and also organizations, it traditionally been connected with somewhat mystical, magical process.
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