The Interviewee in Creative Leadership Essay

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This company as interviewee said “are a full service advertising company”. It should mean that their company mainly job is to advertise, probably, other companies, to make sure that other companies have clients who buy their products. Thus, they have to create something very attractive that draw people’s attention. As a result, to create something good you need imagination, ideas also you have to know what people most like and how to draw their attention that they go and buy the thing which this company advertise and then try to do it in reality. This response to the question tell us that the company, as most companies, has not only one manager, leader for entire company, but they have manager in every department. The most important …show more content…

In the company it can mean that leader should be sensitive for each the steps taken by his department, but in this case the leader should has “creative nerve”, so he/she should be sensitive for the creativity, should feel what is interesting for today’s people and what will be interesting for the future people. As a result, leader with “creative nerve” should imagine and think not just about today, but also about the future, what will be the future view, just for this reason the company can survive longer. Interviewee did not say very much about this question, but he mention that to have creative leaders in their company is “essential” thing. As we understand in the usual language the essential thing is vitally important like water is important for fish, like wings are important for the birds, etc. In other words, if we talk about the company, without that kind of leader that company like theirs would not be able to exist very long. Interviewee describe their company leader as human who control their employee work but at the same time trust their employees. It means that leader is not only the person who is just head of a department, but also and the same employee as their followers. This should help to have better relationship with the leader than with that kind of leader who just controls their followers. In addition, he thinks that it is important to give the responsibility to the employees, as I can interpret to let them to decide for

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