Creativity And Creativity Into Action

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I agree that creativity and innovation are both very important as they are closely linked to one another. To me creativity is the idea and innovation is putting the creativity into action. By celebrating creativity the employees will be happier and will probably work harder because they want to come up with new ideas and are less scared of failing. The business will also have more success when promoting creativity because it will open up discussion for new ideas, which will give the business an edge against competitor. The is nothing better than the bottom line employees who work with the products every day and know the products and processes best to be allowed to come up with new ideas. The business may lose money to wasted wages from employees who’s creativity does not result in a usable product or process but I’m sure that amount of money will be outweighed by the success of a new product or process that can either save money, make money or be more environmentally friendly. Once the creative ideas are generated and shared, they should be implemented strategically through innovation so that the organization can have a competitive advantage over their competitors.

While working at the Saskatoon Health Region to help implement a new computer system for the operating room I was given my own responsibility of making the inventory compatible with the computer system, I was told to be creative in how barcode the inventory and my manager said to come up with my own
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